Dark mode theme.

Dark mode pallette

A system for colour themes that could be used in any application using css custom properties. This was part of our work on improving accessibility and conversions.
Read how it's done and see the prototype.

Application form.

Application form

A conversational approach to helping customers apply for car finance. With resilient data storage to prevent frustration. This funnel converts 20% higher that its conterpart!
Read a little about it and see the prototype.

Party Delights website.

Party Delights branding

We rebranded when we were bought by Party City. We re-wrote all CSS to mobile first, saving 40% off the CSS bundle. And removed a lot of colour from the UI to shift the focus onto the products and away from the interface. Read a little about it and visit partydelights.co.uk.

2D characters.

2D character illustration

I took the time to illustrate my front end team using Figma, so we could all have matching avatars. Top left is me, then clockwise is Malcolm, Ammar, and Anish.

2D safe.

Object illustration

This safe is redrawn from a Monzo advertising campaign. This can now be used as an inline SVG in any project.