thinkmoney Credit Score

Hi fidelity mockups of the opt in and credit score pages in the thinkmoney app.

As part of thinkmoneys ongoing effort to help customers get control of their finances. We've partnered with CredAbility to provide our exiting customers with easy access to their credit score.

This helps our customers to make sure that their score is going up; without needing to sign up for other third party services.


My brief was to product high fidelity designs for this feature based on our exiting UX patterns and CredAbility's great design. I have two days to have an initial concept design ready.

In Scope

  • Show credit score and status.
  • Provide context on the customers credit score.
  • Make it clear that credit scores are provided by CredAbility.
  • Promote credit score on the homepage.

Out of Scope

  • Designs for input screens when more data is needed.
  • Actions to improve score.
  • Showing the score on the homepage.


With such a tight deadline and without any time for customer research I relied on the work done by CredAbility and captured every step of their journey.

Multiple screenshots of CredAbilitys user journey.

I found out that the majority of the CredAbility user journey was to sign up and confirm a customers identity.

We're lucky, in that our customers are already checked and verified as part of our onboarding KYC (Know your Customer) checks.

This means we can reduce a lot of friction in this journey by omitting those elements. We already know who our customer is so that doesn't need to be repeated.

Advertising the feature

Part of our in scope work includes promoting the credit score feature on the "home page" of app.

So I took inspiration from the work our our current team to product a temporary banner. It features a re-drawn gauge icon that already features in the marketplace screen.

Homepage credit score banner and marketplace screen designs.

It informs the customer where the feature is, and the background is from our current marketing pack.

The link in marketplace has been changed to name drop CredAbility to make that partnership as clear as possible.

Customer Opt In

Before we can show our customers their credit score, we need access to their credit report. this needs opt in consent from the customer.

We have an existing design pattern for this for some work we've done with Mojo Mortgages.

Using that as a template I've created an Opt In page. This gives us the opportunity to explain what happens when "See my credit score" is tapped; The exact wording for this is to be confirmed.

Party Delights website with a lilac background and orange borders and balloon logo.

  • CredAbility Branding features at the top of the opt-in page and uses the wording “powered by”.
  • Use of a placeholder illustration makes an otherwise dull page more interesting.
  • Use of existing ghost button pattern.
  • Clear language used to explain what happens when you opt in to seeing your credit score.

Credit Score

Here are the final screens that CredAbility show their customers. Remembering that a lot of the features shown in this design is out of scope.

Party Delights website with a lilac background and orange borders and balloon logo.

Using those as inspiration I've made the score explanation feature satisfying another of our in scope requirements.

I've used the basics of their credit score presentation - like ClearScores - and simplified it's design to harmonise with the thinkmoney branding.

Party Delights website with a lilac background and orange borders and balloon logo.

I've removed CredAbility's custom credit score wording and used Experian's for simplicity. It's likely we'll perform some research on this in the future.

The main call to action is to get more context on what other scores would mean for the customer - another in scope requirement.

And secondary call to action is to go back home - or the place you came from.


I built the experience as a prototype to give those involved in the project a clear picture of what we want the user journey to be.

Select full screen mode or open in your browser for the best experience.


Let's review our in scope requirements.

  • We're showing the customers credit score and status.
  • We're providing context on the customers credit score.
  • We've made it clear that credit scores are provided by CredAbility on every screen and in the copy.
  • We've promoted credit score on the homepage.

Great, we've met the design brief. And we've delivered the designs on time, gold star for me! ⭐