Inspiring users with images

A silver a-class Mercedes.

We had an idea

As part of our conversion rate optimisation strategy at Car Finance, we'd been toying with the idea of personalising our user experience based on their demographic and other insights.

We wanted to validate that by showing a car in our hero image that was tailored to the user so we could increase the chance of the user applying for finance through us.

After all, if I saw a car better than mine, that I really liked, I'd probably be more likely to apply than if I saw a car I didn't.

We did some research

At that point we were showing all users an image of a red Ford Fiesta what had been in our product designs for the best part of the year, and everyone was quite comfortable that it looked great on the page.

Red Ford Fiesta.

so, we did a bit of market research and got some data on the most popular cars our customers choose. Using that data we took the top two cars and sourced some great images for them, here are those images.

The Mercedes A-Class

Silver Mercedes A-Class.

And the VW Golf GTI

Silver VW Golf GTI.

We tested our idea

Okay, we had our alternative images, all we needed to do now was run an A/B test to see which converted better.

We set up a test to display the different artwork to our entire user demographic, to dip our toe into this hypothesis.

And then we waited...

Disney's Alice looking bored

...for what felt like forever.

The results

After 30 days, we'd still not got a clear leader. But, it was clear was that both the Mercedes and the VW outperformed the Fiesta.

both the Mercedes and the VW outperformed the Fiesta

Google Optimize test results showing a small uplift for both variants.

We think that it's because not only are they better looking cars, but we also showed them from a better angle.

We gave it another 10 days before concluding the test manually and deciding that could choose for ourselves which car to show. The Mercedes showed a median uplift of 7.2% over the VW at 7.1%. And with that 0.1% difference our decision was made. ๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿฅณ๐ŸŽ‰

The Mercedes showed a median uplift of 7.2% over the VW at 7.1%.

We proved that using different imagery does affect the conversion rate, so the company is happy that we can comfortably invest more time into our personalisation strategy.